Tamta Kakhaberidze for Gender Equality

A media literacy program in the Republic of Georgia, intended to motivate and educate high school students with an interest in journalism, has also inspired a young woman concerned about gender issues.  Tamta Kakhaberidze, from a small village near the Turkish border, says the project has helped her better understand the challenges facing Georgian women, … Continue reading

A New Look For The Batumelebi “Family”

Three Georgian news outlets will use a shared production facility to create new multimedia news coverage and produce on-line TV programs.  The Batumi newspaper Batemelebi , their on-line news portal Netgazeti.ge, in Tbilisi, and Presscafe.ge, created by Batumelebi as a source of volunteer, independent journalism have created the studio with financial support from the IREX G-MEDIA program, funded by USAID. … Continue reading

გაზეთი ,,სპექტრი"

სპექტრი-რასაც სხვები ვერ ამბობენ

Multimedia Education Center

Supporting Journalism Education in Georgia


ინტერნეტი და ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიები

უკან, სამშობლოში

ბლოგი, საქართველოში დაბრუნებული მაჰმადიანი მესხების შესახებ