G-MEDIA Description

The four-year USAID-funded G-MEDIA (Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed citizenry and Accountability) program seeks to assist in the improvement of the quality and availability of news and information on new and traditional platforms, produced by professionals with improved skills and new citizen contributors. The program will lay groundwork for continuing improvements in the Georgian media … Continue reading

GYLA Spring School of Investigative Journalism

To create an exciting, intense and active training school the GYLA (Georgian Young Lawyers Association) has found the perfect recipe. Start with a room full of journalists, add equal parts of lawyers and  judges and stir vigorously.

Seeking Independence

Today, May 26, is a special day in Georgia, the anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence in 1918. It’s also a special day for Maia Kalabegashvili who, eleven years ago today, established her newspaperSpektri in the eastern Georgia region of Kahketi.  And this year Maia says her newspaper is close to having the independence she envisioned … Continue reading

A Helping Hand

  What started as a telephone  information service in the Georgian  regions of Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Mtskheta Mtianeti has become  much more than expected. The call center 16-100 was established to provide public information about businesses, telephone numbers and government services.  But the center has now been integrated into the ICN newsroom and callers have … Continue reading

Multiethnic GIPA

For more than 20 years, students at a school in the Georgian village of Tazakendi have been in the dark with few books to read and no electricity to light their way.  That all changed when Azerbaijani students from the IREX G-MEDIA supported journalism school at  GIPA (Georgian Institute for Public Affairs) visited the village classrooms … Continue reading

GIPA Doc U Films

The story of kids, who study at a special school for children with behavioral problems, the personal challenges of a woman who refused to accept her grandchildren’s disabilities and the lives of two teenagers living in the high mountains, isolated from public education and their peers – these are the stories told by GIPA students … Continue reading

From Print To Multimedia

When readers of three regional Georgian newspapers checked those websites for election news last Sunday, they saw more than they might have expected.  IREX G-MEDIA program partners in Guria, Kutaisi and Akhaltsikhe are no longer limited to their print editions.  The newspapers Akhali Gazeti, Guria News and Samkhretis Karibche are now producing video stories, talk shows, live streaming and interactive … Continue reading

Community Radio Pioneers in Georgia

On the remote and wind swept plain of Southern Georgia, people in the small town of Ninotsminda have come to rely on a small  radio station for news about their community.  But despite commitments from donors and dedicated volunteers, Radio NOR has not been able to receive a government broadcast license.  The Georgian broadcast regulator, … Continue reading

Time for Action on Digital Switchover

Transparency International, Georgia, is calling on the government to take action quickly on the long-delayed digital switchover.  The complicated and expensive procedure must be finished by June, 2015 but there has been little concrete action to establish a policy or process and find answers to the many technical, economic and social issues created by the … Continue reading

New Media for Georgian Media

It may be the height of vacation season in Georgia, but journalists have been working hard to understand how to use new media tools and expand their reporting skills. It has been more than a year since IREX G-MEDIA started the New Media Initiative for 14 partner organizations.  In response to high demand for training, … Continue reading

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