Youth Media Literacy

IREX G-MEDIA project include a great deal of work with college students, professional journalists, media companies,advocacy groups, other NGO’s and large companies and government officials. But under the Youth media Literacy Project we have had the pleasure of working with high school kids from the regions. More than 130 students worked with five our regional media partners, to learn more about being reporters and photographers.

We celebrated the completion of this project in an event at the multimedia Education Center in Tbilisi and invited 40 of the students and editors to present their own reporting projects and to hear from professional journalists about media careers.

Bellow there are seven videos about this project, the event at the MEC and the students projects.

1. Youth Media Literacy project celebration on May 29

2. A story about the Youth Media Literacy project in the regions of Georgia.

3.  Video Stories produced by Youth Media Literacy Participants.

The newspaper Batumelebi 

Georgia ranks second in Eastern Europe after Moldova in number of young girls married at an early age.  After getting married, underage female students drop out of school and dedicate all their time to family duties.  This trend is still strong.  The 2012 report by the Public Defender confirms this trend and emphasizes that 7 367 girls dropped out of school in 2011-2011 after getting married.  A poll conducted in Batumi public schools confirms more than case of married dropouts.  Most of them are young girls and many are unable to receive higher education, regardless of whether or not they succeed in graduating from high school.

In many cases, early marriage prevents young girls from receiving education, while also posing a threat to their health, as girls at the age of 14-17 are not ready for motherhood physically or morally.  Statistically, a  number of families started at an early age break up since couples are not mature enough to cohabitate, while sex is the main driving force behind a desire to start a family.  At the same time, sex is acceptable in Georgian society only as part of a legal marriage.

The newspaper Below 21

Most of them are forced to cover several kilometers to make it to school, and they are forced to attend classes in solitude. They do their schoolwork and listen to 45 minutes of classes all alone in the classroom.

They cannot socialize with classmates or whisper hints to those answering questions in class.  They are all by themselves in the classroom.

Our society blames one-student classrooms on migration.  However, this is not the only reason identified.

TV Ninth Wave

This is Poti, white city next to the Black Sea. For some people this city is memorable for its mosquitos and frogs, for some others it is the gate of Georgia and pivot of country’s economy. “And for me, this is just… my city” says teenage boy from Poti.

In the package, Youth Media Literacy program students from TV Ninth Wave in Poti present their city. Poti is the one of the oldest cities in Georgia; however its infrastructure is not relevant to contemporary needs. There are no cafes, bars, night clubs or any other place for young people to entertain. The city does not have beach and coastline. Despite all the disadvantages the city has for young people, they still enjoy living there and are welcoming guests.

The newspaper Kakhetis Khma

Insanitary conditions pose a serious problem in the Kakheti Region, namely, the Telavi Municipality.  Trashcans located in close proximity to residential quarters beset local residents with a myriad of problems.  Equally alarming is the danger of spread of dangerous diseases.  One of the reasons behind this problem is the lack of timely disposal of waste.  According to Telavi residents, disposal of waste takes place only once a week, which is not sufficient given the size of this city.

Besides insanitary conditions and subsequent pollution, a nearby reservoir also creates problems. According to Telavi residents, drinking water is polluted badly enough to be undrinkable.  Local residents are forced to use water from streams and wells.

Citizens’ sense of responsibility is also an important factor.  Instead of using nearby trashcans, vendors trading goods outside the territory of the local farmer’s market discard waste on the streets.  Local residents in turn overlook this problem, polluting the environment with leftovers when taking tours and picnics in local gardens and parks.

The newspaper  Chemi Kharagauli

The Georgian Railway implements a railroad modernization project involving construction of a high-speed rail line.  Within the framework of this project, a new branch line will be constructed on the 38th kilometer and added to the most difficult railroad section connecting Khashuri with Zestaponi.

In the process of railroad construction works, the environmental impact assessment report was altered, placing the villages of Zvare, Nunisi, and Bazaleti, Kharagauli Municipality, on the verge of an environmental disaster.  Namely, the site of railroad tunnel construction in the village of Zvare was moved 400 meters further.  As a result, one end of the tunnel leads to the Zvare mineral water springs.  Most importantly, the architectural design was altered without drawing a new environmental impact assessment report.

Construction waste produced during the implementation of this project was discarded around the village of Bazaleti, filling up a nearby ravine and polluting local pastures and the river gorge.

In April 2013, the Ministry of Environmental Protection filed a lawsuit against the Georgian Railway with the Prosecutor’s Office.  A criminal case investigation was launched.  Construction works in the village of Zvare have been halted.


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