Investigative Journalism Has Big Future in Georgia

IREX G-MEDIA consultant in investigative journalism Brant Houston is giving three days training to journalists from different media outlets in Georgia. The group of journalists are trained in using databases and social media for investigations, using numbers and statistics for impact, methodologies of investigative journalism, visualizing datas for investigations and other topics. Professor Brant Houston … Continue reading

Information on the radio audience data released by Market Intelligence Caucasus, licensee of TNS, on March 15, 2013

Initial data from a new research project on radio audiences in Georgia shows that nearly half the population (44%) listens to radio at least once a week and that number increases to 50 per cent in the capital.  In addition to Tbilisi, the research covered 11 large and medium sized cities (Kutaisi, Rustavi, Batumi, Gori, … Continue reading

Radio Is Better Than You Think

  Radio in Georgia has historically been undervalued by the media community.  There have been assumptions that radio reaches a very small portion of the Georgian population.  A new study, commissioned by the IREX GMEDIA program and conducted by Market Intelligences Caucasus, shows that radio usage is higher than anticipated and that radio reaches an … Continue reading

Newspaper SPEKTRI Gives Voice To Isolated Minorities

In the remote reaches of the Kakheti region, thousands of ethnic Azerbaijanis are a step closer to their Georgian neighbors, thanks to a reporting project by the USAID-funded IREX G-MEDIA program. G-MEDIA Communications Officer Anita Tvauri traveled with Spektri Journalists to meet their new Azerbaijani readers. The first signs of life from the Azerbaijani communities, … Continue reading

გაზეთი ,,სპექტრი"

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ბლოგი, საქართველოში დაბრუნებული მაჰმადიანი მესხების შესახებ