New Media Initiative

New Media Initiative program presentation was held at the hotel Courtyard Marriott, where IREX/G-MEDIA has announced the selected 14 media organization involved in long term partnership. USAID deputy mission director also attended the roundtable, where  participants discussed the role of new media in the past parliamentary election and in the development of independent media. In … Continue reading

Enhancing partnership increases audience

 IREX initiated partnership between GIPA and GARB brings GIPA student documentaries to regional audiences An elderly woman, Tsabura, sits in front of her Imeretian village house chatting with a neighbor and waiting for a parcel from Athens. It’s been nine years since her daughter left for Greece to earn money for the family.  While the … Continue reading

Training at newspaper Chemi Kharagauli


The goal of the Media for Transparent and Accountable Governance (M-TAG), funded by USAID is to improve the public’s access to independent, reliable, and balanced information relevant to Georgia’s good governance. This will be achieved by a set of coordinated activities in support of two objectives: Objective 1: Journalists demonstrate accurate and ethical reporting on public … Continue reading

IREX Mission

IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development. Founded in 1968, IREX has an annual portfolio of $50 million and a staff of over 400 professionals worldwide. IREX and its partner IREX Europe deliver cross-cutting programs and … Continue reading

გაზეთი ,,სპექტრი"

სპექტრი-რასაც სხვები ვერ ამბობენ

Multimedia Education Center

Supporting Journalism Education in Georgia


ინტერნეტი და ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიები

უკან, სამშობლოში

ბლოგი, საქართველოში დაბრუნებული მაჰმადიანი მესხების შესახებ